CodeCycle provides a spatially oriented, data-driven platform to streamline the energy code compliance process 



CodeCycle is the first comprehensive technology solution to radically improve building energy efficiency at the time of construction. CodeCycle improves building energy outcomes by using a data-driven web and mobile platform to streamline the compliance process for building officials, contractors, and engineers.

The integration of digital tools across the construction sequence allows teams to catch errors when they can best be fixed. CodeCycle works for both new construction and existing building retrofits.


CodeCycle provides compliance improvement technology to cities and their constituents (all users) at no cost. We operate as an efficiency program under contract to utilities and other entities that procure energy efficiency.

We started CodeCycle to bring technology to the unmanageable burden of compliance, a process that is still almost entirely paper-based and in desperate need of data-driven solutions. Our goal is to empower cities and their constituents to measurably improve energy outcomes in their built environment.

Who uses Codecycle?

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Design Teams

CodeCycle's online compliance assistance tool is used by design teams to help them comply with the energy code (e.g. Title 24) early in their design process.

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Plans Examiners + Field Inspectors

CodeCycle's iPad inspection application is used by plans examiners and field inspectors to verify building attributes to confirm compliance.

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process benefits

  • Prioritizes the compliance process for building officials, directing inspectors first and foremost to those inspection areas that will save the most energy
  • Presents code requirements in plan-view, on a space-by-space basis
  • Catches errors and discrepancies early through automated analysis
  • Reduces what could be a multi-hour process for plan checkers or field inspectors to just a few minutes

I think we would absolutely spend more time enforcing the energy code if we had this tool.
— a city building inspector testing CodeCycle

CodeCycle Helps Cities

  • Achieve meaningful carbon reductions in new and existing buildings
  • Make energy code compliance smart and accessible for building departments and their constituents
  • Track local energy savings that result from advanced compliance improvement, informing progress towards climate action goals